Thailand - why do they live well here?

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Thailand - why do they live well here?
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Why have holidays in Thailand become so popular with tourists from around the world? What is it that attracts many people for 14 hours or more, for what?


Thailand - is primarily a country of smiles. Smiles are kind, bright, conducive to communication. It's like falling in love - you yourself get better and like yourself that way.


Free country
"Thay" means "freedom," and such a name fits perfectly in this small country. Not once has it been conquered by the colonialists, the only one from all of South-East Asia.
Excellent location of Siam (the ancient name of Thailand) provides a variety of landscapes - wooded mountains, seas and bays, wild and habitable islands. Once again deciding where to go on vacation, know that the nature of the tropics contributes to the fact that the tourist season here is "open" all year round, as it flow from one climatic zone to the next. In the north of the country lie beautiful ancient cities with preserved temples and Buddhist culture. In the central and southern you are waiting for reserves, luxury resorts, modern megacities.


Down with the "tour packages"!
There is always something to do here. Boring will not. Only leave yourself the freedom of choice: do not cling to the beaten "tour packages." Come "savage" and live in your house, among local or similar tourists, like you. And you will see Ty on the other side.


Buddhism, as the main religion of the Thais, created a very friendly attitude to the guests of the country. This heat will be felt by any tourist. Maybe that's why in Thailand you immediately begin to feel at home: cozy and calm.


In general, people of any religions perfectly coexist here, the second after Islam is Islam. His professors come from Malaysia. Further, Hinduism and Christianity, and no one divides anything among themselves, all peacefully coexist. Why quarrel and find out something, if such beauty is around. Live and be happy! In this beautiful country there can be no concepts of "hunger" and "cold" - perhaps, from this and such a peaceful attitude to being?


Live well.



By the way, the Thais have the following terms: "sabai," sanuk "and" suai ". They reflect the entire way of life of the Thais. Everything should be beautiful, nice and pleasant. If you freely transfer the meaning to our language - "live well and do not prevent others from living well." This kind of "D'ont worry, be happy" in Thai.


It is felt throughout the whole way: slow pace, a cult of food, love for everything beautiful. Beautiful temples, beautiful landscapes, handicrafts - as works of art. With such a positive you can easily charge, it carries away. By the way, leave a place in the suitcase. Holiday in Thailand will surprise you with its prices not only for living and real estate, but for shopping. In Thailand, everything can be bought very cheaply, from ordinary children's clothes to luxurious crocodile shoes. And of course, you should definitely bargain. Otherwise, you just risk offending the seller.


Tai is a paradise
Forgive for the beaten expression, but it most accurately reflects the mass of impressions that you will experience. Although the difficulties that the Russian soul usually likes so much to seek, they can not escape from them. So, be sure you are ready for one difficulty, spending your holidays in Thailand. It will be extremely difficult for you to part with this beautiful country and with its smiling inhabitants

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