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Famous Bangkok
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This pearl of Asia is one of the biggest cities in the region. If you think that Thailand is a third world country, you have never been to this awesome city. This is not Singapore or Tokyo, but intricate interconnections of roads and railroads amidst skyscrapers towering into the clouds will impress even the most experienced traveler. Bangkok is one of the pivotal Asian transport hubs where scores of tourists arrive and depart daily. It is a business center that attracts specialists and experts from all over the world.



Bangkok is a city of contrasts where contemporary skyscrapers grow surrounded by poor shags. Just a couple hundred meters away from luxurious restaurants on Sukhumvit street you can eat for a dollar in a simple outdoor food court. In this city, the state-of-the-art underground competes for popularity with river channels built in the 18th century.
The city is ready to provide any level of comfort for any size of a wallet. You can rent a two-stories apartment with a pool on top of the roof where you can get by helicopter. You can also rent a room in a cheap hotel for $3 where you can walk or arrive on a free bus.
The usual acquaintance with Bangkok starts when you arrive at the Suvarnabhumi Airport which serves over 1000 flights on a daily basis. This is a very popular airport and one of most advanced in the region. You can travel further into the city by any mean you prefer. You can hire a traditional taxi which is the cheapest way of traveling especially if you prefer to travel with a couple of friends. You can also choose the elevated air link or one of many local buses that depart to different provinces and parts of the city.
After that, routes split even more. Backpackers and downshifters, as well as lovers of good alcohol, immediately head to the local waling street Khao San Road. Some will love shopping in luxurious boutiques of Sukhumvit. Moms and dads with kids hurry to the zoo, oceanarium, and Siam Park which is a local version of Disneyland. Those who love the nightlife will enjoy spending time in bars on top of skyscrapers and nightclubs of all sorts, from extravagant Ce La Vi to underground Glow where all Techno stars from all over the world present their art. If you need something spicier, visiting Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong is a great idea.
People visiting Bangkok will more than likely check out at least one of thousands of temples. Some of the most famous ones are Emerald Buddha Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Some will love to visit local museums and galleries and the royal palace. Going to the top of Baiyoke Sky is also quite rewarding.
Experienced travelers will choose a less typical route. A trip to the biggest China town in the world or Little India will be memorable as well as a visit to parks built on top of ancient cemeteries and prisons. You can rent a bicycle or a catamaran. When you feel tired, just go to the green park right in the middle of the gasping for air megalopolis.
Bangkok is a versatile multidimensional city that never fails to impress even locals with fantastic places and amazing atmosphere of joy and happiness. You only need to be ready to explore the city and embrace all new.

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