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Restaurant sale

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You’re an international entrepreneur and need business for sale? Thailand is the place where you can find hundreds of perfect variants! Along with hotels and villas, businessmen make money on restaurants: food industry in touristic places is thriving, and Koh Samui is not an exception. Why placing your stake at restaurants in Thailand, and what Samui Lux can offer you?


The restaurant business is always the right investment


Millions of tourists visiting Thailand praise this country for a large diversity of restaurant. In fact, here and there you can find spots offering national cuisine (Thai, Chinese, Italian, Russian, American, etc) and all of them never lack visitors. No matter where you’re from, you can establish a restaurant specializing in ANY cuisine of the world, and people will readily order your dishes!


Therefore, if you’re into the restaurant business, Thailand is the place where you have full freedom to implement your ideas, be that fancy interior, unusual dishes, and special guest programs. Entrepreneurs from all over the world organize their restaurants there and thrive.


Why Samui?


But with a great diversity comes a great concurrency. Are you sure you can stand out from the crowd of your rivals? No? Then Samui business for sale is number one priority for you. The island of Samui is widely known as the place where the most respectable and rich tourists reside. This region of Thailand is way more secluded, and that influences the number of businesses, too. Therefore, if you don’t want to compete with numerous bistros and bars around and ready to provide your guests with a decent level of service, consider business for sale in Koh Samui.


It gives you the following advantages:

  • The tourists who rest in Samui are way richer and more intelligent than visitors of other Thailand regions. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to work with the rich and respectable audience.
  • You can find a luxurious, secluded place without hundreds of rivals at every turn.
  • At the same time, in Samui, you can organize business of any scale and level starting from a minor bar or bistro and finishing by a large premium restaurant – your choice isn’t limited.


Samui Lux: Professional help at every stage of the partnership


Samui Lux is the company where you can order professional help to acquire and organize restaurant business on the territory of Samui (Thailand). We provide our clients with:

  • a large variety of restaurants of different size and level;
  • help at every stage of your purchase starting from the choice of spot and finishing by signing and receiving documents;
  • expert recommendations concerning the business in Thailand, property and legal issues.


No need to face language barriers. No need to search for local representatives and partners. No need to wait weeks to have your documents sent and received. If you want to buy business in Thailand, our company is always ready to help you. Samui Lux is a team of professionals aimed to provide excellent property and expertise for foreign clients.