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Since Thailand is the key destination for millions of tourists from all corners of the world, organizing business there is always a good idea, especially if it’s connected with tourism and touristic service. But how to find a decent hotel and organize the purchase of the property? Without a personal assistant, it’s a hard task – you need to deal with endless documents and somehow overcome the language barrier.


Don’t worry. Samui Lux can take care of everything! Find out why you should order our services and how we can help.


3 Reasons to Establish Hotel business in Thailand


The global political situation is changing, state borders are closed and opened, but Thailand has always been and stays one of the most tourist-friendly countries for visitors from Asia, Europe, and America. People come there being enchanted by the local charm, excellent climate, national cuisine and a huge number of attractions. They are ready to pay for decent accommodation, that’s why both luxury and simple family hotels will always be in demand.


Why organizing hotel business in Thailand?

  • A steady flow of tourists is guaranteed.
  • The conditions for foreign entrepreneurs are favorable if you find a trustworthy local partner.
  • This is an investment that pays off in most cases – you can always sell your business with minimal loss.


Why Samui?


If you’re searching for a hotel for sale Thailand can offer hundreds of variants – you just need to find the optimal location. Why not opting for Samui? This is a paradise island that’s considered to be among the most expensive and luxurious places in the country.


Koh Samui attracts tourists thanks to comfortable climate, picturesque nature and a better seclusion. The locals are more friendly to tourists, and the island is calmer than the rest of touristic Thailand. Samui is the destination of rich travelers who are ready to pay for comfort.


So if you need a hotel for sale Koh Samui is an ideal place! There’s a myriad of available ready businesses that are waiting for a new owner. Such investment will definitely pay off because Samui never lacks respectable tourists.


Let Samui Lux help you


Now when you’ve finally decided to establish your business in Thailand, you need to find a hotel that would suit your budget and requirements. There are hundreds of hotels on Samui island, but how to make the right choice and organize purchase, if you’re a foreign entrepreneur?


This is when Samui Lux comes in handy! We specialize on the property for sale and rent on Samui island and offer the best variants for our clients. Order our services, and we will:

  • offer you several variants of decent hotels;
  • provide detailed information about the property, including description, technical characteristics of the building, capacity, price, and so on;
  • organize work with documents and the process of purchase;
  • solve legislative issues for you.


Samui Lux is ready to answer your questions and help you find the hotel of your dream for a successful business!