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Planning to organize a business in Thailand and want to build your hotel/restaurant/villa from the scratch? You need to find an attractive and convenient spot. When foreign businessmen search for land for sale Samui is the primary choice. Let’s find out why beachfront land for sale in Thailand is a great investment, and how Samui Lux helps clients with a search of a perfect spot for business.


Why buying land?


Say, you want to organize your own business in Thailand and search for the available variant. Some hotels and restaurants are expensive, while others are quite old and not attractive enough for you. What to do? Why not create your own building? Thailand legislation doesn’t prohibit building on the territory of Samui island, you just need to find a local business partner. You’re free to build a villa, restaurant or hotel with its own architecture, number of floors, and materials. Therefore, land for sale in Thailand gives you total freedom right from the start.


Koh Samui: Main attraction for tourists


If you need land for sale Koh Samui is a perfect variant. Why?

  • Samui island is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Thailand: it hosts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.
  • Since vacation in Samui is more costly than in other regions of the country, this place attracts deep-pocketed people who are ready to pay well for the accommodation, entertainment, and food.
  • When it comes to beach land for sale Thailand is among leaders: it offers a lot of variants. However, most often, you need to deal with neighbor spots located in a couple of meters from your property. Samui is a more secluded place: there’s a considerable distance between hotels and restaurants, so you can be sure that there’s enough free space around your lot. No one will disturb you, and vice versa.


All in all, land for sale in Samui (Thailand) is a wise investment: you’re free to lease it or make a building of your dream.


Order land in Samui Lux


Finding available land lots for sale is a challenging task: you don’t know the Thai language, need to deal with documents and establish a partnership with some local representatives and solve many other issues. Don’t despair! Samui Lux offers professional help for clients in search of property and land for sale and lease in Samui.


Need cheap land for sale in Thailand? Want to find a luxurious secluded place? No matter what your requirements are, Samui Lux has suitable variants for you. We specialize on property and land in Samui and work with clients from all over the world. Order our services, and we will:

  • figure out some offers that satisfy your requirements;
  • provide you with legal and documental help;
  • organize the procedure of land purchase;
  • answer all your questions concerning land, property, and business in Thailand.


Organizing a hotel/villa/restaurant business in Koh Samui (Thailand) is easier than you think! Let Samui Lux solve all the problems for you, and soon you’ll have a beautiful lot at your disposal that can be used for any purpose.